4th Swiss Autoimmune Liver Disease Meeting September 21st-22nd, Lugano, Switzerland

Dear Patients,
Dear Families and Friends, and All Interested Parties,

it is our great pleasure to invite you to the session dedicated to you at the 4th Swiss Autoimmune Liver Disease Meeting. This is the fourth edition of the Meeting, which has seen your participation since the very beginning and now finally has a space dedicated to you. We have chosen three topics on which we often hear questions from you:

  1. Is it possible to have children when suffering from autoimmune liver disease? What are the risks for the pregnancy? What is the risk for the unborn child to suffer from the same disease as the mother?
  2. Drug therapy is extremely important, often life-saving. But what are the risks and side effects of drugs? What can be done to minimise and alleviate them?
  3. What new therapies will be available in the future, especially for patients whose disease is not controlled by current therapies?

Some of the leading international experts will be present to talk about these issues, but also about anything else you may wish to ask. Translation will be available on site.
To facilitate the session we ask that you send your questions in advance by e-mail to: fondazione.epatocentro@hin.ch
or fill out the Form.

The session will include the participation of some patient associations (Swiss SwissHePa, UK PBC Foundation, Italian AMAF, German Deutsche Leberhilfe, and US Globalliver), which are extremely valuable to know for the numerous services they offer to patients, such as self-help groups and exchange of experiences and sharing, various information material on the diseases, tools to measure the impact of the disease on daily life ( and thus give voice to the concrete needs of patients), and meetings with experts for information purposes, etc.

In addition to the session dedicated to patients there will be a space where Patients’ Associations will be present for the whole duration of the meeting, providing the opportu- nity to meet and exchange experiences.

Participation in the scientific part of the meeting will be free of charge for all patients.

See you soon in Lugano!

Best wishes

The Scientific Committee
Benedetta Terziroli Beretta-Piccoli – Chair, Switzerland Andreas Cerny, Switzerland
Andrea De Gottardi, Switzerland
Diego Vergani, UK
Giorgina Mieli-Vergani, UK
Andreas Kremer, Switzerland
Federica Sallusto, Switzerland

September 21st bis 22nd 2023

USI Università della Svizzera Italiana
Aula Magna,
Lugano, Switzerland


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