Association of Parents of Children with Liver Disease – HepaFam


Liver diseases in children are often chronic and sometimes require a liver transplant. This is always a difficult situation for the whole family!

That is why parents of children with liver disease met and founded the EVLK association in 1987. Since then, we have been working for parents and children through various activities:

We have created a network for families to share worries, fears but also progress. During the meetings, the children get to know each other and can say: "I am not alone".

A close collaboration with the medical staff of Geneva, the Swiss liver transplant center and other children's hospitals allows for optimal support to the families.

Together with Swisstransplant and patient organizations, we are committed to organ donation.

Association of Parents of Children with Liver Disease
Sybille Heinzmann Agten
Bahnhofstrasse 38
6244 Nebikon

Tel. : +41 79 831 27 34

Wilson’s Disease Association Switzerland

The purpose of the association is to provide information, advice and support to those affected by Wilson’s disease and their loved ones, alongside establishing connections between those affected and specialists, and outreach work. One of the association’s major objectives is the encouragement or creation of a central point of contact and research, such as a hospital or specialist. We want to see positive regulation of the financing for rare diseases through health insurance companies and ensure that life-saving drugs (for example, the expensive medicine trientine) used to treat Wilson’s disease patients are placed on the specialty medications list so that the drugs are covered by health insurance providers. To this end our association has also joined the Alliance of Rare Diseases Pro Raris ( to make ourselves heard at the national level, by authorities, medical representatives, health insurance companies and the like. The association is a charitable organisation and is not affiliated with any particular religious denomination or political party. It is not-for-profit and is financed through member contributions and donations.

Wilson’s Disease Association Switzerland
Patricia Gygli
Gotthelfstrasse 17
4562 Biberist



Crohn's & Colitis Switzerland is a support initiative by patients and for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It is a non-profit organisation which seeks to raise awareness and promote public understanding of the concerns and problems of sufferers through its work.

Crohn's & Colitis Switzerland
5000 Aarau

Tel: 0800 79 00 79

Hepatitis Switzerland

Hepatitis Switzerland maintains an expert network related to viral hepatitis in Switzerland. Our most important goal is the elimination of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C in Switzerland by 2030.

Find information about viral hepatitis at Questions? Contact us using We would be happy to assist you.

Bettina Maeschli
Managing Director
Hepatitis Switzerland
Schützengasse 31
8001 Zurich

Tel: 058 360 50 31
Mobile: 076 412 33 35