World Cancer Day 2022, February 4.

The INTERNATIONAL LIVER CANCER MOVEMENT calls for increased efforts to improve patient outcomes:

The world has made significant gains in cancer control in a number of areas. Unfortunately, primary liver cancer continues to increase and, as the third leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide (with 830,000 deaths in 2020), remains a high burden for patients.

Liver cancer is in a unique position in that risk populations and prevention strategies have been known for decades. More than 80% of liver cancer cases occur in low- and middle-resource countries, particularly in East Asia, where China alone accounts for 50% of global cases, and in sub-Saharan Africa, where resources for medical and social care are often limited. There are parts of the world where the rate of new liver cancer cases per population (incidence, cases per 100,000) is significantly high, such as in East Asia and some West African countries. In these countries, there is still a high prevalence of viral hepatitis and other progressive liver diseases, which are major causes of liver cancer.

Key risk factors appear to be in flux, with HBV and HCV prevalence declining and obesity and diabetes increasing in many regions.

The ILCM is the first global movement in the field of liver cancer; a patient-led initiative that brings together patient communities, medical societies, researchers, policy makers, the private sector and other stakeholders in the field to share resources and experiences and work together to achieve meaningful outcomes for people living with or at risk of developing liver cancer.

Swiss HePa has supported this campaign since 2021

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